Areas we service:

We service the Auckland district.

Home Services:

Home computers are where you store your valuable personal data. Photos from the trip, family barbecue, concerts. All that could be lost if you don’t have the right backup platform in place and something goes wrong, or a nasty virus hits. We will set things up so that you won’t lose your valuable data.

We can also help with correctly setting up your email application (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail or similar) on your Computer, Phone, Laptop and Tablet so that you can access your emails from any of them.

Want to keep in touch with family overseas? There are options we can setup for you.

Business Services:

When it comes to Business nothing is more crucial than smooth running Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Networks, Emails & Website Hosting.

We can handle your Website and Email Hosting. Whether it is with one of our preferred partners, or through the big boys like Microsoft (Office 365) or Google ( We can sort out what works for you.

WisperTECH can provide all these critical services you need to streamline your Business so you can spend more time running it rather than using your profitable time troubleshooting IT problems.

We will incorporate our services to suit your Business needs.

Group Lessons:

Have a group of friends that want to learn general knowledge about how computers work? Want to be able to setup software without calling for help? We’ve got your back. We can show you what the parts of a computer are and what they do.


Have E-Waste you need to get rid of? Let us know and we can collect and dispose of this for you.

Some charges may apply (CRT monitors and old TV’s). Enquire for a full list of chargeable items.


Home: $90/hour*.
Business: $120/hour*.
Senior Citizen Discount: $65/hour* – Present your Gold Card and get discounted prices.
Community Services Discount: $65/hour* – Present your Community Services Card and get discounted prices.
Group Lessons: $50/hour – 2 or more people. Price per person.

*Travel charges may apply if there is excessive travel time through traffic.